Acapulco inaugurates Island of products "Guerrero Pride

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Acapulco, Mexico, Apr. 10 (Notimex).- At least 72 products from 21 Guerrero companies will be marketed on the fourth island "Guerrero Pride".

The Minister of Development and Economic Development, Álvaro Burgos Barrera and the official ambassador of the "Guerrero Pride" badge, comedian Javier Carranza "El Costeño", inaugurated the island of products made by local people and which will be sold at low cost.

The state official said in an interview that it is sought that the products that are supported through productive projects will be exhibited in important showcases, which have been placed in places like restaurants, hotels of great tourism and commercial centers.

"These products that are sold in crowded places will allow tomorrow, both tourists and people from Guerrero themselves to know that they are making excellent products in the state," he said.

The fourth island sells preserves at night, mezcal from Guerrero, Jamaican jam, mole paste, toast, churros, potatoes, chocolate, coconut oils, sauces, cocadas and other nutritional products, all with the necessary requirements of carrying the standard of hygiene.

He commented that in Acapulco four islands have been installed and soon Guerrero products will be sold in restaurants in Chilpancingo, Acapulco and other hotels.

Burgos Barrera announced that of the 72 Guerrero products only the "Mole del Rey" that is made in Iguala is the only one that is exported and sold on shelves of six stores in Chicago, Illinois.

He said that first seeks to consolidate the products in the national market, because crossing the borders implies a higher level of production, sophistication by the different certifications and regulations that require exporting.

Some Guerrero products are sold in convenience stores and chain stores.

Explained the official state that comedian from Acapulco Javier Carranza "El Costeño" is a promoter and ambassador of the local products and because he is a well-known character.

In turn, the comedian said that the products promoted are supported by projects granted from the Guerrero Institute of the Entrepreneur.

"It is a challenge for everyone and people have to convince themselves and first try what is done in Guerrero and believe in our own producers," he said. "We must first make the local people fall in love, taste, buy and enjoy the products."

He said that the best publicity is always word of mouth, despite social networks, "I invited people to try the products that bring the label Guerrero Pride," he said.



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