US tourism in Los Cabos grows despite Trump

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Los Cabos, Mexico, Apr. 26 (Notimex) .- The tourist flow between Los Cabos and the United States grew 17.4 percent from January to March, compared to the same time span of 2016, a figure that will increase at the end of the year and thus discard any impact by the administration of Donald Trump.

"The United States and Mexico are sister nations, no matter who governs us, it's a great message to the people who govern us, because more discrimination policies will not be able to separate us," said Baja California Sur Tourism Minister Gerardo Ruiz.

As part of the arrival of the San Diego-Los Cabos flight by Southwest, he said in an interview that the growth is due to hotel infrastructure, golf courses and nature, as well as the climate of this part of the country.

During 2016, he said, the tourist destination of the entity registered 2.2 million visitors and this year will close with a figure of 3 million.

The director general of the Tourism Trust of the Cabos, Rodrigo Esponda, reiterated that there has not been any impact in the sector by the statements of the American president.

"In some markets like Chicago it has had a very interesting growth and we will continue to work. We have not seen any effect in the particular case of US politics," he added.

With the growth of the city, it requires greater connectivity, so we work with several international airlines to start with more routes, he said.

He said they will continue to strengthen the routes to the United States, mainly to the Midwest and Northeast, as well as Canada, and also to emerging markets such as Colombia, Argentina and Brazil.

To this list are added countries like Australia, and four in Europe, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. "In recent months tour operators from Japan and Korea have come, with whom we have been in talks because they already bring a significant flow to other destinations in Mexico and we are working with them to reach Los Cabos," said Esponda.



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