Zacatecas has cultural, religious and global relevance wealth Sent by emontes the Monday 22 of August, 2016 13:29 pm

Mexico, Aug. 22 (Notimex) .- Zacatecas is the city with the highest silver production worldwide and also has the Holy Child of Atocha, which is one of the most significant religious symbols for Mexican population, and many fairs

Zacatecas declares horsemanship as intangible Cultural Heritage Sent by emontes the Friday 19 of August, 2016 13:46 pm

Zacatecas, Mexico, Aug. 19 (Notimex) .- In a solemn session the local Legislature LXI declared the horsemanship as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Zacatecas, according to the approval of the Decree 131.


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